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Setting Up Reporting Access for ICBM

Before running reports in ICBM, there are two things that must be done. 

  • You must add entries to your computer's hosts file
  • Two network drives must be mapped on your computer. 

This can be daunting if you aren't comfortable with computers, so please contact your local IT staff if you need assistance with this. 

Helpful Note

Mapping a drive is only required if reports are going to be run

To map a shared drive on your computer click Start > Computer then click Map Network Drive near the top.

My Computer window showing map network drive button


The drive letter can be anything, but the folder must be \\\ic_reports\sql

mapped drive window to show details


When prompted for login credentials, enter OSUAD\name.# and your OSU password.

windows authentication screen for CIC


After clicking OK, it should open a list of folders.  This list can be closed. This means the mapping is complete. 

Installing ICBM

To install the IC Business Manager (ICBM), locate and run the ICBusinessManagerApps installer as shown in the picture below.

list of installation files


installation file for ICBM


When asked for the features to install, deselect the option for Interaction Fax Cover Page Editor

CIC installation window


When asked for the IC server name, enter

ICBM Server screen


After ICBM is installed, run though the same process for the corresponding patch.

To start ICBM after installation, navigate to Start > All Programs > Interactive Intelligence > IC Business Manager.  There should also be a shortcut on the desktop.

logo for ICBM


Last modified: Jul 14, 2021