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Graduate Fee Authorization and Your Statement of Account


Statement of Account  includes the following columns: Transaction, Transaction Date, Due Date, Charges and Payments/Adjustments. A notes area and statement summary are additional areas.


Statement of Account Terms and Descriptions 

1.  Fees Offset by pay deduction credit
All of these fees (except for the Learning Tech Fee) are offset by the pending pay deduction credit ($1420.10) below.

2. Pending Pay Deduction Credit
Balance of account is credited in a lump sum as a pending payroll deduction, which will be split among your paychecks over the term. Check your account after each pay day to confirm that the deduction posted and no charges are immediately due.

3. Graduate Fee Authorization
"Fee Auth" identifies Graduate Fee Authorization(GFA) benefit, which varies, based on the position.  If you have a 100% credit for tuition/instructional fees, or if you have a partial credit for them and pay the balance, no fees will be assessed.

4. Term Balance
Note how the term balance is $0. The pending payroll deduction credit reduces the amount immediately due and protects you from the drop for non payment.


Helpful Note

View the Graduate School Handbook for benefits associated with a GFA-eligible position.


Last modified: Nov 30, 2020